Solar Power

Tyyfus is continuing the much discussed and debated Non Repetat impro-club at the brink of fall. The exact dates will be given later, but the first evening will take place 14.08.04. The venue is, as before, the Forum Box gallery. 19-22. Performers: MOHEL trio, ARTTU PARTINEN solo, PENTTI DASSUM/JANNE MARTINKAUPPI duo, HETERO SKELETON double trio. Be there.

– end

Tyyfus is activating. A 12″ LP can be seen in the not so distant future, and a tape is to be released very soon.

To brag about the contents of the 12″ would be stupid, but still, it’s going to kill. Be prepared, be very prepared. Devastating free improvisation/noise/jazz coming up, featuring two of the hottest and nastiest freeksters in Scandinavia. Heads up!

But, to talk about the present, this is what’s going on at the moment:

Hetero Skeleton: Relaxativity Suite (In 40 Bowel Movements) (Tyyfus-C#1) TAPE — AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Make your order now through tyyfus (at) yahoo dot com.

Price is 4E + postage (50snt in finland. 1€ inside EU, others please ask!)

Payment: in Finland & EU-countries – bank transfer (ask for the account number), outside EU – well hidden cash in mail.

Indeed, this is going to have massive repercussions in the Finnish and global music scene. A tape of noisy, utterly destructive, hippie killing free music. Imagine a jam session by Brutal Truth and the fiercest of the ESP-roster, this sure is free(k)jazz to the maximum!